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Sometimes all you need to break free of an unhealthy routine is the right inspiration.
I want people to understand that you do not need to be “gifted” in order to practice energy work, meditation or  telepathy. Those things are not complicated to learn. We all have the ability to sense energy and work on our own. A lot of our day to day problems can be avoided.

I discovered over the years that I actually love to teach and share my knowledge. I have created various workshops for you that will help you to live a more harmonious and balanced life. A lot of content of the workshops is inspired by the most common problems I see in a lot of my clients. Wanting to come up with solutions and supporting people to pursue their own path to healing.


Become more present & grounded!

Feel grounded and certain in your decisions and choices. Find ways to heal after experiencing trauma or difficult situations in your life.

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Clear and protect your energy!

Connect and embrace your sensitive & intuitive side. Feel more balanced, in harmony and in control in your life and during stressful times.

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Communicate with animals!

Connect with your pet on a whole new level! Strengthen your intuition and learn telepathy. Understand your pet’s needs.

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Connect deeper to self & your energy!

Harmonize your energy and create healthy habits. Learn about your Chakras and express your true potential more.

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For everyone...

Each of the workshops will teach you new techniques which will allow you to easily implement what you learn into your daily life. They will help you to gain a new perspective and introduce you to new way of being and a more harmonious life. It does not matter if you already are experienced in meditation and energy work or if you just started to develop interest in it. Everything is well explained and will support you in your process.